Executives & Committees

Kamloops Collaborative Family Law is a team of professionals who are committed and dedicated to resolving family disputes during divorce and separation without going to court. To learn more about our team of collaborative law professionals, read their biographies here.


Carolyn Oien, Co-Chair (Family Lawyer)
Butch Bagabuyo, Co-Chair (Family Lawyer)
Jenna Walsh, Secretary (Family Lawyer)
Leni Reichor, Treasurer (CPA)

Committee Members

Celeste Schell, Mental Health Representative (Counsellor)
Scott Tupper, Financial Specialist Representative (CPA)
Viviane Wingerak, Chair Marketing Committee (Counsellor)
Butch Bagabuyo, Chair Membership Committee (Family Lawyer)
Carolyn Oien, Chair Training and Education (Family Lawyer)
Jenna Walsh, Chair Socials Committee (Family Lawyer)