Butch Bagabuyo

Butch Bagabuyo

Butch Bagabuyo
Bagabuyo and Company

335 Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2A3


Butch Bagabuyo is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, and parenting coordinator. Butch has been mediating for over 18 years and is actively involved in many dispute resolution initiatives. Butch is passionate about finding creative solutions and assisting his clients in times of crisis. He is the first qualified Parenting Coordinator and Family Arbitrator in Kamloops and is trained and regularly conducts views of the children as part of his professional practice. Butch advocates for the children in times of divorce and separation—a time when most parents are unable to cope with the stresses and challenges of their new reality. Butch assists families to create a fair and reasonable child centered parenting plan and schedule as well as resolves their parenting disputes. In his spare time, Butch enjoys many sporting activities and spending family time with his daughters.

If you have any questions or would like to contact Butch, the best way to get hold of Butch is via email at: butch@resolvingdisputes.ca