Why Collaborative Family Law

The financial and emotional consequences to those you love during a divorce and separation can be irreparable, but they do not have to be. Collaborative Family Law is a new way of approaching family breakdown, which aims to reduce the emotional and financial drain of litigation by keeping both parties out of court and encouraging a final, mutually agreeable settlement which lets both parties redefine their relationship, heal, and move forward in their lives.

Divorce and Separation leaves many urgent issues in the mind of the parties: What happens to our joint bank account? How much support do I owe my children and ex-spouse? How should I organize my financial affairs to move on with my life? How am I to be compensated for my role as a stay-at-home parent? How are we going to take care of the children? When am I going to see the children and how often and for how long?

Without professional help, divorce and separation requires the parties to become experts in family law, family financial planning, family therapy, and child development overnight which is overwhelming to say the least. The Collaborative Family Law approach provides the structure and organization of experts you need to succeed. Select your team of collaborative professionals from a roster of specialists with skill in Family Law, Financial Planning, Family Counselling, and Child development.

Kamloops Collaborative Family Law Professionals will work with you and your former spouse to craft an individualized settlement that respects the dignity of the parties and their past relationship to facilitate a more permanent resolution of all the issues that arise during divorce and separation. Collaborative Family Law is a different approach to resolving divorce and separation issues by attempting to provide family planning solutions that last without going to court.